Pubs and Publicans – The Railway Hotel

Karl von Stieglitz (1946) states that William Sidebottom “built a tannery and boot factory—which supplied Government and private contracts—with as many as 25 men working for him, on Fyfe’s Corner, as some of us still call it, opposite where Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bean now live. This was a wooden building and later occupied by the Halls, who at one time tried to obtain a licence for it as an hotel, but failed.” “Later, Simon Fyfe had his stables there when he ran the coaches, but during his son’s (John) tenancy after Simon’s death, the old place was burnt down.”

The compiler cannot find (at this time) any record of licences having been granted for a Railway Hotel in Evandale nor any such approval to run railway refreshment rooms at the railway station. Certainly, there has been no licence issued from 1892 to the present.