Events & Notices

Shameful destruction of the Morven Park Historic Grandstand by the Northern Midlands Council – March 2018

Early one morning in March 2018, the historic Morven Park grandstand was bulldozed by the Northern Midlands Council. Notwithstanding that the building was in the Evandale Heritage Zone, the grandstand was demolished without advance notice to the community. The reasons given by the Council for this extraordinary act were:

The Evandale Advisory Committee were advised that in 2014 and late 2017 risk assessments on the building had been conducted; and a report in regard to the proposed demolition was tabled at the November 2017 Council meeting. The Committee were advised that the grandstand had been demolished under the Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013: 5.7 Emergency Works
5.7.1 Urgent works, that are undertaken for public safety or to protect property or the environment as a result of an emergency situation, that are required or authorised by or on behalf of the State Government, a Council, a statutory authority, or a corporation all the shares of which are held by or on behalf of the State or by a statutory authority. Noted that despite Council attempting to prevent access to the grandstand, reports had been received of children playing on the grandstand and there was evidence of activity at the site

The members of the Evandale History Society were appalled by this decision from a Council that claims to respect and preserve the special built heritage of the Northern Midlands as well as claiming to practice open and transparent government. Requests for the Mayor and/or the General Manager to explain the decision to the members of the Society were met with silence.

The images below were taken shortly before the demolition. Readers are invited to decide whether the structure posed an immediate public danger – that required demolition of this historic structure without the usual notice.

St Andrews Anglican Church – Fire in Church Hall 18 June 2023

Members of the History Society and the Evandale population more widely were saddened by the destruction of the historic timber Church Hall adjacent St Andrews Anglican Church. The fire occurred on 18 June 2023 and it is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault in the ceiling.

Murray Family crypt marker – 13 September 2022

On 13 September 2022 a cast bronze plaque on a sandstone plinth was erected in Pioneer Park, Evandale. The plaque marks the approximate location of the crypt which contained the remains of Kennedy Murray Snr (1771 – 1853) and Sarah (1805-1839) the first wife of his son , Kennedy Murray Jnr. The Society wishes to thank out member Laurie Wotherspoon for his work on this project.

Evandale ANZAC Day Commemoration – 25 April 2023

The Society once again conducted a successful Day Dawn Service and 11 am Main Service at the Memorial Hall, High Street Evandale on ANZAC Day 2023.