The School Master’s Residence Evandale

Many will already know that the current Evandale Information Centre was previously the State School and the residence next door was built for the School Master.  There were some contentions with the proposed Master’s residence at the time, as evidenced by the following letter to the editor of the Tasmanian on 14 July 1888.

Sir, — Yesterday I had the pleasure of inspecting the plan of the proposed State School building and master’s residence, as submitted by the Government. The building, to say the least, will be a five-roomed cottage, pure and simple, quite useless as regards the wants of this district.

Our present schoolmaster has a large family, and could not possibly do with less than eight rooms, this may be overcome by the Government getting a man with a small family! Then, I suppose, the family is always to be small, if otherwise, the teacher will have to be removed to some more commodious House, or do the next best thing — rent a four-room cottage in the town after his family exceeds two.

Surely the absurdity of building such a ‘badger- box’ for a State school master’s residence must, be apparent to the Board of Education, a well as every resident of this town, and, to make matters worse, our local board have been slighted by the upper department, and have not even had the opportunity of expressing their opinion with regard to the erection of the school or master’s residence.

As a Local Board they certainly know the wants of Evandale, and should have been consulted as to the size of school house and necessary buildings before the plans were submitted to the public calling for tenders. To say the least, such procedure is uncourteous to our Local Board, whose views have been ridden over rough shod by the head of the department, who alone mast be responsible for the whole matter. Far better remain in the old building than remove to such an inconvenient house, quite inadequate for the present or future requirements of Evandale.  

Before the building is commenced, would it not be better to call a public meeting and give an expression of opinion respecting the matter, and forward the same to the Government to prevent such a ‘hut’ from being palmed off on the Evandaleites.

Yours, etc, –


Evandale School Masters residence